Monday, 13 October 2014

Love Heart

Love Heart Definition

Can't help myself from feeling sad,
the feelings I had from you is something I 
never had.
Trying to move on and let all of it go,
realizing time without you goes by slow.
It's hard not to ask the question why,
I still like you, there is no reason for me to lie.
Knowing that it won't be easy to move on.
time spent without you feels like you're al-
ready gone.
Wondering if there could ever be another 
Me being around you I can't help but
Hard not knowing where we went wrong.
Trying not to let it get to me, I'm trying to 
stand strong.
Knowing something so good got away;
trying to figure out
if there is something I could say.

Each and every swing felt worse and worse

And then all I wanted was to be dead in a hearse
He got real close and whispered “Bitch I wish you weren’t alive”
And all I was thinking was you’re right, I wish I wouldn’t survive
He threw against the wall then proceeded to pin me to the ground 
He hit me again, covered my mouth, not letting me make a sound

I started to struggle and tried to release myself of his forceful grip

Then the next thing I heard was a loud, horrifying rip
His hands were cold and I cringed at first touch
I don’t understand how a father could hate his daughter so much
I froze and I couldn’t believe that this was really going on
I just kept looking at the clock wanting him to be gone

I tried so badly not to think of the sharp pain

And this wasn’t part of his usual game
I closed my eyes wishing the time would just pass by
And that next time I opened them I would be up in the sky
He pushed harder and harder and excruciating pain was all I felt
The next thing I heard was the unbuckling of his belt

Something happened inside of me that I can not explain

I got this surge of energy and said “f you and your reign”
Somehow, someway I got out just in time
But what he had already done will never get out of my mind

From then on my life has been forever changed
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart
Love Heart

Love Heart

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