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Deep Quotes About Love

Deep Quotes About Love Definition

These are poems about sadness in all its varied forms. There is much sadness in the world and many reasons to be sad.

Writing a poem about your feelings is a good way to bring healing to yourself. Additionally, many people find that reading poems when they are sad is a wonderful way to find comfort and give words to their unspoken sad feelings.

 When someone in the family is depressed, the whole family is affected. Depression is a silent disease that sucks the energy and joy out of a person's life. If is very difficult for one has not experienced depression to understand its significance. It is important to get the individual into treatment and be sensitive and empathetic during their treatment. Depending on the type and degree of depression the individual may have to struggle with their illness their entire life. Depression must be accepted as an illness and not a lousy character trait.

Sadness and darkness are natural cousins. Since ancient times, people have worn black to express their grief. Happiness is attracted to sunshine and depression to darkness. There is a certain romance in darkness and melancholy. There is something mysterious about that which is hidden and unknown. Dark poems may seek to romanticize sadness and depression. Other dark poems are simply poems about sad subjects. The poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe is an example of a delightfully spooky dark poem. There is much room for creativity in this genre.

Hatred is a poison that fills your body. It becomes impossible to think of anything else but the object of your hatred. Sometimes if you don't encounter the object of your hatred for a length of time, the hatred may dissipate throughout your body. You may be under the impression that the feeling is gone. The truth is that is has spread like a cancer. It is very important if possible to tell the person who you are angry with how you feel. If this is not possible it might be helpful to discuss your feelings with others. In any case do not let this hatred sit and poison your body.

 I should wash these pills down the drain,
But it seems easier to prolong my pain,
Because I know going through withdrawal will just about kill me.

It seems easier just to go on,
Smoking crack and popping pills until dawn,
Knowing in the end what will be, will be.

Yet somewhere deep inside,
There's a little bit of pride,
A tiny shaft of light that still reminds me.

Of the girl I used to be,
When my brain was clear and free,
I'm not sure that I can be that girl again.

Kehnay Ko Muhabbat hai lakin.
Ab esi muhabbat kia kerni….
Jo neend chura le ankhon se.
Jo khawab dikha k pholon k.
Tabeer main kantay de jai.
Jo gham ke kali raaton se.
Her aas ka jugnu le jai.
Jo khawab sajati ankhon ko.
Aansu he aansu de jai.
Jo mushkil ker de jeenay ko.
Jo marnay ko asaan keray.
Woh dil jo Pyar ka mandir ho.
Wo yadoon ko mehman kare.
Ab Aisi Muhabbat kaya karni….
Jo umer ki naqdi le jaey.

'When the heart breaks... the love can spill out, through, and... healing can begin.'

The following haiku is about disconnection in a relationship:

Like rock and water
Leaf and stone ~ face each other
Together alone.

Oh even though
We aren't speaking so much
I can't help but
Stare at you all the time
I find you so beautiful
Even though
We both said harsh things
To the heart of the other
The heart most dear
I forgave you
The moment I met you
And even though
We don't touch
It's all I think about
And hope for
How could I not?
I absolutely adore you

If I am to be what is measured and found to be
a world away from you
then my closed eyes shall traverse that distance
and carry within their dark journey
the knowledge that only individuals love.
And in my struggle with loneliness which bears
no smell but the smell of you
and the shape of you my imagination would
sculpt if its hands fell into clay
I will arrive still and silent and fully into your heart.
It does not matter if we sleep and wake
and share no daylight or stars
for all seeds planted in the furrows of darkness
grow their own mornings which stir
on feet ready to overtake what is only memory.

'What love promises
Is not a happy ending
But a sad farewell.'

'You think you hurt me
By building walls between us:
Fortress or prison?'

'My blood boils away
Flesh, muscle, sinew, all gone
If you say goodbye'

'The venom you used
To say Goodbye, I now use
To kill loneliness.'

Sometimes we get melancholy. It is just a part of life. Our Sad Poems collection expresses, in shades of blue, just what we feel when we are down. Sometimes it is despair, hopelessness, or just a sense that we are all alone. The good news is, we all feel that way from time to time, so in that sense we are never really alone.

Things may look bleak now, but they will get better. We think you will identify and perhaps find some comfort in our special words. Remember, if you are feeling down, speak to someone; a friend, a family member, maybe a professional.  There is no need to shoulder the burden alone.
We are all in the same boat, together.

I'm walking the sidewalk,
in the middle of town.
My head is quite heavy,
it's pointing straight down.

I do not wish,
to look straight ahead.
My body and mind,
just feels beyond dead.

An intersection,
I finally reach,
Where I'm welcomed,
with a horrible screech.

Right or left,
I'm asked to choose.
But I continue along the sidewalk,
change I refuse.

My sidewalk is covered,
with sorrow an dirt.
I'm loyal to this street,
it's simply called hurt.

As I continue,
my pain sadly grows.
The shoes I'm wearing,
are called blue woes.

There seems like there's no end,
or slight hope in sight.
This lonely town,
forever has night.

It's just so difficult,
for me to leave.
As I raise my head,
I cannot believe.

A rusty sign,
with the name of the town.
It reads, "Sad",
and it's pointing straight down.

My sadness and sorrow,
I cannot explain.
I'd gladly exchange it,
for physical pain.

My heart has been crushed,
thrown casually away.
I'm struggling to cope,
with each passing day.

The love that we shared,
you can never deny.
Just thinking about it,
leads me to cry.

Why did it have to,
happen this way?
I'm so sad and confused,
right here where I lay.

I cannot change,
the way that I feel.
I wish I could do,
something to heal.

For now, I must accept,
and sit in my sorrow.
Hoping to improve,
with every tomorrow.

Like a flower,
with gentle care I planted,
But with time,
I did take this love for granted.

Our bond dissolved,
became like sand.
The wind no longer,
it could withstand.

Infinite sadness,
my brittle heart feels,
My foolishness,
each morning reveals.

Our love was like,
a beautiful wave,
I'd do anything to
hold and save.

But was it meant to,
reach its end,
Engulfed by the shore,
I could not defend.

If our love was like,
the sun,
then the darkness of night,
has clearly won.

I do not wish to be,
sadnesses slave,
When the sun rises,
I'll seek a new wave.

I'm so sorry,
for making you sad.
You deserve to be,
very mad.

Words cannot explain,
my guilt.
I know the damage
that my actions have built.

I know things between us,
are a bit tense,
But please believe,
that my regret is immense.

Since I hurt you,
I've really thought,
About the sorrow,
that I have brought.

I'm so sorry,
for being so blind.
In your heart to forgive me,
I hope you could find.

We must savour,
every breath,
We'll never predict,
our eventual death.

Thinking about it,
shall do no good,
Enjoy life and love,
we definitely should.

How will death,
seduce or greet,
There's no way,
we'll ever cheat.

It may seem,
all very sad,
Use your time,
good deeds add.

Death is a way,
to say goodbye,
If we live and love,
many will cry.
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love
Deep Quotes About Love

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